Video On Demand Workshop: The Red House Over Yonder

Workshop Duration: 46 Minutes 49 Seconds

Today we are going to paint a wonderfully evocative scene that well could really be anywhere but lets just say that it is in the lake district.  The scene as the title suggests is all about a little red cottage up on the hillside that you get to by walking up a little windy path from the village below.

The lesson in this workshop? Well this lesson is an extremely important one for all artists and that is how to provide a painting was it again, oh yes ...FOCUS!

Yes in this workshop you will learn how to use yet another tool out of the artists box of tricks which is how to convince a viewer that they have free will when they are looking at a painting when in actual fact the artist is completely in control of where the viewers eye will end up regardless of where they enter into the painting.  

I am sure you have observed this effect in other paintings and been astounded by it well in this workshop you will learn how to do this in your own paintings and it's actually much easier to pull off than you might think.

Get life time video on demand access to this workshop today for just £25.00. Alternatively you can purchase this workshop as part of one of my soft pastel workshop bundles (see below).

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