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Watercolour Workshop: Rainy Day In Wasdale

Workshop Duration: 44 Minutes 28 Seconds

This has to be probably one of the lake districts most iconic landscapes. It has been photographed and painted countless times and crops up in virtually every magazine, website or book even remotely linked to the lake district. 

Which is  why you should definitely have a go at painting it but why go the usual route and paint it with the predictable pretty blue sky.  After all this is the lake district - it rains here a lot! An awful lot actually!

So that is why in this workshop I am going to show you some fantastic techniques to paint not only stormy skies & majestic mountains but also some creative ways to portray the famous lake district weather.  

Come to think of it you could actually apply the same techniques to painting any part of the U.K  😂🤣

Changing the weather is just one way that you can add a unique twist to a scene that has been painted to death and make it your own! 

Here's how you do that in style!

Suggested Materials List - Stuff You'll Need!...

Below is a list of the materials I used to produce this workshop painting. Please note I am not suggesting you go out and buy all this but it may be helpful as a guide when you are sorting out your materials and getting ready to paint.

  • Eyes, Ears & Open-Mind!
  • 1 x Sheets of Watercolour Paper (Bockingford 425gsm ROUGH 1/4 Imperial [38 x 28cm]).
  • 1 1/2" Flat Brush
  • 1/2" Flat Brush
  • Squirrel Hair Mop (Size 6)
  • Detailer Brush
  • Razor Blade
  • Oil Pastels:  White, Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre,
  • Suggested Watercolours (I use Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolours) : Naples Yellow, Quinacridone Gold, Paynes Grey, Burnt Sienna, Lavender, Isoindoline Yellow (sub' Cadmium Orange), Bloodstone Genuine, Indigo
  • Extra Bits'n'Bobs: Spray Diffuser, Sponge, Kitchen Roll, Tea Towel

If you are short on anything and you really want to use the same as me then it may be helpful to know that you can purchase all of the above supplies on my website at a discount. 

Just visit:


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